Denver International Airport (DIA)

Mystery of the Iniquity

In 1995, the Denver Airport opened it’s doors to the public and people began to see the enormous compound with it’s breathtaking, confusing and WEIRD murals, among other things.
With its unorthodox approach at the construction, it’s safe to say that this task was full of mystery from the very beginning. All of the work was completed by subcontractors, who were hired to do small, isolated tasks and then upon their completions, they were let go. This was accomplished without query and questioning due to its secrecy. This was securing the fact that no single company or entity, or person would ever see the complete vision of what the DIA was to become.

The whole as a design was at the cost of more than $4.8 billion, nearly $2 billion over budget, creating one of the most expensively built airfields in the world with the diagram of a Nazi Swastika…

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