EXPOSED: ROTHSCHILD funding ISIS through Genel Energy and US CollegeAmerica the nation’s largest 529 college savings plan, trusted by more than 1 million families nationwide.…/college-america-529…

ISIS is a Rothschild Corporate Army for Genel Energy…/

FINANCIAL WAR REPORT (FFR): Genel Energy, Rothschild, and the creation of ISIS…/

Who Owns ISIS? The Genie is out of the bottle!

Rothschild connected with ISIS through Erdogan’s son Bilal who sells “legally” ISIS oil.…/rothschild…/

Rothschild, Murdoch, Cheney and the Genie of Stolen Syrian Oil

#FreeGolanHeights – Syria (Please read and share all info you can)
Genie Energy (Jacob Rothschild, Dick Cheney and Rupert Murdoch) are illegally stealing oil from Syria’s Golan Heights. The are doing this together with Israeli companies Afek Oil and Gas and Zion Oil and Gas. John Brown found the oil in Golan Heights back in 2010. It is billions of barrels of oil and 150…

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