A Call for an Uprising

A Call for an Uprising

If you’re like me then you’re tired of unfulfilled promises from “our” United States Government.  Your tired of living in a world where people are measured by social statuses and financial wealth. Your tired of people putting you down if you don’t fit in to what the media tells us is normal and righteous. Our government and our media have brainwashed us into never being satisfied with the lives that we have. They’ve used fear as their ultimate tool.  Fear of failure, fear of debt, fear of terrorism, fear of the unknown. But what they really use fear as, is a means of distraction. To distract us from what’s really going on around us. They keep us busy fearing these thing’s and never questioning them. They use fear to keep pushing us away from change. But you see the distraction is just as important to them as the fear. The…

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